Danny Phantom Pornography Story: When Judgement Came Chapter One

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: When Judgement Came Chapter One

Wow, another story I might not finish. But oh well. It’s an idea and I can always finish it later.

A note to those who have issues with misspelled words. I don’t have spell check, I have the primative form of word document, Word Pad. It’s a pain in ass if you want to know. I change just one thing and it’s a one big mess. Makes me wish I had a Beta…but oh well.

Disclaimer: I no own Danny Phatom. Though I own the Fates, and few others that will appear later.

Personal record. 3 pages worth of non spaced goodness that you will come to hate, I’m not very good…yes I doubt myself.

I got most of this from listening to Crazy Frog and My Chemical Romance. And tell me if anyone is out of charatcer.

Now enjoy When Judgement Came

Update: I did a little ‘opps’. My little opps was that I messed up with Erin’s name. I recently looked up the meaning of Erin and found it meant ‘from Ireland’. I went ‘okay, this could work.’ But then I started looking up different spellings of the name and found something better. Arin means ‘enlightened’ and i thought ‘Oh that fits her better.’ So it’s still said the same way only it’s an ‘a’ instead of an ‘e’.

And I have looked up all the names i’m using. You can say I like to know what i’m using. There’s only going to be a few that I didn’t look up because a) they didn’t have a description of the name and b) because I like the way it sounds. (:



*Painful Flash*


‘That hurt…’


Darkness littered her sight as she came to. Her body was cold from laying on the pavement for who knows how long, taking her time at getting up, she was able to see where she had landed. She glanced around the street she had so oddly came to be in. The wind had picked up, whipping loose papers like toys and howling loudly in her ears.

On a whim she plucked one gracefuly from its swirling vortex of air and read the name and date. The Amity Park News, April 2nd, 2007.

A grin was plastered on to her face as she read the date, now she was at the right time and the right place. Clockwork had done well.

Her grin soon turned into a scowl, if she was here, no doubt he was here also, but then again, hewas the only reason she was here. Away from her true time, her friends and family, her jobs, and lastly her lover. But her grin came back as she felt the raised skin on the curve where her neck met her shoulders and thought fondly of the tender moment they had before she left. Sure it had raised some eyebrows, namely her Da and Ma, but it was needed. Besides, how often could a girl-a teenager-show off a hicky that put most to shame? Not often but that thought was pushed aside as she remembered her game plan.

Quickly glancing around if anyone had seen her, which was zero, jogged to a black gym bag that lay a few feet away from her, unzipping the bag like it was a long lost childhood toy, she looked into the bag as many colored eyes gazed back at her.

Her eyes glazed over as she cried happily into the bag, the eyes simply widden and sounds of purring and meowing rupted from the bag as they saw her crying in joy, they didn’t know if they were ever going to see her again.

Straighting up, she held the bag closer and widen the top and in a singing, motherly tone she asked,

“Who’s ready to plaaay~?”


Amity Park was a nice place to live. It wasn’t too small and it wasn’t too big. It was graced with large parks and caring schools. It offered either city life or country life and even somewhere in between, jobs were always needed for booming stores and other places. Yes, Amity Park was really a nice place to live, that is, if you don’t mind the ghosts.

Amity Park, for reasons unknown, was always a booming place for ghosts. Every other week a new one would show, many were mostly harmless, many just wanted a break from the weirdness that was the Ghost Zone, just wanting to remember what it was like to be human. Though every once and awhile, one with less than honorable reasons for visting, came to cause havok. This is how the Fenton’s came to live there.

Though they were really from Wisconsin, they were just starting as Ghost Hunters. The two adults, Maddie and Jack Fenton had been chasing the infamous ghost dubed ‘The Wisconsin Ghost’ when Amity Park was mention by a collage friend named Vlad Masters, who was recovering at the time from an incedent caused by Jack himself. When Vlad had spoken about the ghost infected city, the two felt a need to go there to study and capture the ghosts. Which soon resulted with them moving in. This is also how they became world wide known ghost hunters, though the downside of is was that they weren’t all that good.

Before they knew it they had a daughter and a son. Jazz, the oldest of the two, made it known that she wasn’t a fan of what her parents did, in fact, she was worried that their profession would cause trouble for her little brother Danny. And in fact, it did.

At 14 Danny became what his parents hunted, a ghost or better yet a half ghost. From there life became hard and trouble some for the teen, facing untold amounts of ghost and ill manered spooks along with horrible tests and annoying bullies, Danny became Amity Park’s protector only to be outdone by one other, The Red Huntress. But this doesn’t deal with her much, it’s more focused on Danny, who would soon be delt with a bad hand of cards. And it started out as-


Danny stared blurry eyed at his alarm. The cursed thing had gone off half an hour late. But Danny realized he had slept half an hour through his alarm. How did he pull that one off? As he stared at the alarm that was blinking 7:02 a thought crossed his mind.

He set his alarm for 6:30, he slept through until 7:00, that left only 30-no-28 minutes before school started. It took him atleast 5 minutes to get ready and another 5 to eat quickly. That only left less then 20 minutes, not near enough time to meet Sam and Tucker before school started. He. Was. Going. To. Be. Late…..AGAIN. He bolted up sleepy shock.

“I’m going to be late!”

Though his cry had fully woken his parents, they didn’t offer to help him get to school faster. Instead they hoped it would be a lesson to actually go to sleep on time. If only they knew what he did for them…But they didn’t and he was forced to call his friends that he would be unable to meet them. Jazz had already left by car and he was worried that he would get another detenion to his already growing list.

Glancing at a clock he gasped to see it was now 7:23. No way was he going to be there on time. As he grabbed his bag off the kitchen floor he was surprised by its light weight. Glacing in, he found he was missing his books, he had left them in his room. Skipping stairs by 2’s and 3’s he dashed to his door and flung it open and picked his books up before he slapped himself with them. He could make it to school if he flew there as Phantom.

Tucking his books into his bag, he summoned the white rings that changed him into Phantom. Saddly he failed to notice the brewing storm outside.


Thunder crashed as Sam glanced outside the classroom window, it was raining heavily and Danny had yet to show. Though Mr. Lancer seemed too busy to notice that Danny was missing, instead he was busy reading a thick file, whatever it was he was deep in thought when the door flew open to reavil a soaked Danny.

“Mr. Fenton! Why are you late again?” He growled and stared at Danny.

“I got caught in the storm.” Shivering as he answered, Mr. Lancer glanced outside the window.

To kill a mocking bird! You came in that?! Good lord! I never thougth you cared enough to come throught that! Anyway, sit down and behave.” Sam casted a worried look between Danny and Mr. Lancer. She really didn’t want to tick off a teacher.

“Mr. Lancer?” The said teacher let the file fall to his desk.

“What is it Ms. Manson?”

“Shouldn’t Danny go to the Nurse? I mean he is soaking wet.” Mr. Lancer calmly folded his hands.

“It’s his fault for not getting his parents to drive him. But i’ll mark him on time for coming anyway. Right now I have other things to attend to.” And with that he picked up the file again. Sam glared hard and fumed. That wasn’t right to blame Danny! It wasn’t his fault for the storm hitting him on the way.

Mr. Lancer was takin’ aback by the file. What was wrong with this girl? Bright, talented in gymniatics, had a black belt? Joy to have in class? How could this young woman be a joy?Mr. Lancer thought. Sure, it would be nice to have a student who knew what was going on but, was this file for real? Charged on a hit and run but was realsed when found that it was the vitcim’s own fault? Over twenty charges of batery?! Concidered insane?! So far the teen’s cons outdid her pro’s. Was she really a joy to have?

He skipped to the last page, unable to continue with the growing list. The last page was a note from her last school’s Guidince Councler. Did he really want to read this? But he did anyway.

This young lady is certinly a rare case. Even though I’ve only known her for 3 three months i’m still in awe. As bright as she is, I would watch where you step with her. One wrong move will leave her hate-no-disliking you with a passion, even if you say sorry.

Though she is bright and small for her age, she has an issue with bullies. This school hardly has any left thanks to her. This is why she has so many batery charges, she’s beat them down. If you have any outstanding trouble makers, I would watch out for them, many of her fights have caused many bruises and broken bones. But still, I wouldn’t change her, that’s how she is, changing her would be a crime.

I do hope you enjoy this young woman, she can be very helpful. I should know, she’s helped me once.

Mr. Lancer stared hard. Maybe she wouldn’t be all bad.


As Mr. Lancer read the file he never noticed the quiet talking done by his class. Sam kneeled by Danny’s desk as he hid his face. Sam still felt sorry for him, he was still dripping wet. But as she kneeled he lifted his pale face up and smiled.

“How can you be smiling? You soaking wet.” Danny grinned like an idiot.

“He didn’t mark me late.” Sam sighed, she should have seen that coming.

Minutes of chatting later and it was still storming. Danny and Sam had moved to look out the window. From where they were sitting they could tell that the water was actually starting to flood the streets. Sam glanced nerviously at Danny.

“Don’t you think it’s odd that it’s raining so hard? I mean don’t you think it’s,” she dropped her voice to a whisper. “Vertex? I mean, last time he was here, he started to flood the city. Not only that but I think he might be pissed off enough that he might do it again.” Danny shook his head.

“If it was Votex my ghost sense would go off. So far its been quiet. You know that it stopped snowing only a few days ago, maybe all the melted snow and rain are just flooding naturaly. We do live near a great lake.” Sam nodded to his point. But still, the storm seemed a little bit off.

“But how did that storm form so fast? I could understand if we lived in Florida, but we don’t. I come to school and its overly bright and sunny, then a few minutes later doom and gloom cover the city. Don’t you find that a little weird?” Danny laughed abit.

“I thought you liked doom and gloom.” Sam crossed her arms over her chest.

“Hey, I like the gloom but we can lose the doom.” An overly large flash and thunder ripped through the room causing everyone to jump in shock. The storm was getting worse and it wasn’t even 9:00.


Lancer was jolted out of his thoughts by the lighting and thunder, he hadn’t even noticed two new people come in as he was stunned. A quick ‘Mr. Lancer’ brought him out of his state of mind and he was surprised to see a fellow teacher standing next to him.

“Oh, hello Mr. Desin. I didn’t hear you come in.” Mr. Desin pushed his glasses back up onto his nose before replying.

“This young woman lost her way. She was trying to find your room. I believe she’s the new student from overseas.” Lancer’s eyes widden, she was the new girl?

At the word ‘new’ the current class quickly looked to the front to see who was the new student. Danny and Sam were the closest and had a better chance at seeing her.

She was a little smaller then Sam, thick black hair flowed down her back and made a curtin over her left eye. She was fairly pale but not too bad, her only visable eye(right) was a deep emerald green and had a piercing gaze. She wore a black strapless, tight fitting top that spilt on the sides and stopped above her middle, much like Sam’s own top. She wore overly baggy tan pants that were littered with many pockets and held up by a blue belt that she let hang down along her hip, and her shoes looked liked worn combat boots. She also had that hour glass figure going on

Other smaller details were noticed by Sam, like she wore fingerless gloves and had many jingling metal bracelets on both arms, only her left had slightly more. Sam could tell she was wearing hoop earings and her ears were pierced more than 3 times. Along with a silver colored choker necklace and black eyeliner, what was most out of place was that she was wearing a silk blue tie with pins, clips and other items that she couldn’t place. But what made her smile slightly was that the new girl seemed to be gothic, though punked up.

Mr. Lancer cleared his throat and stood from his desk. He glared at the teens that had failed to quiet down and warmly put his left arm along the new girl’s shoulders.

“Class, I would like to introduce our new overseas student. Arin Flur.”

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