Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Danielle Fenton Chapter 1

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Danielle Fenton Chapter 1



1- The Second Halfa

been aproximately 2 years since the first apperance of Danielle
Phantom or Dani for short. The young hybrid girl that was cloned from
Danny, mysteriously dissapeared shortly after Phantom Planet. Danny
however, didn’t reveal his identity. Danny’s parents, however,
figured it out on thier own. They learned everything the kids had
been keeping from them for the past year, including Dani.

find her and bring her home. She’s a part of you, therefore, a part
of this family.” his mother Maddie had told him. Danny couldn’t
agree more. Danny, Sam and Tucker have been searching for her ever

about a year, they finally got a lead. During the short time Dani had
spent with the Fenton’s, she happened to leave behind a small hair
band, using this, Tucker tracked her with a tracking program on his

they got an exact location, Danny prepared to head out in the specter

careful, man.” said Tucker patting his best friend on the back.

will. Don’t worry about me. I’ll bring her home.” promised

please be careful, and you better come back to me!” warned his
girlfriend of two years, Sam.

will, baby. I want you to get to know your baby sister.” he said

what are you talking about?”

he said taking a box from his pocket. He opened the small black
container to reveil a diamond ring.
“Samantha Olivia Taylor
Manson, I know we’re only 16, but I’ve never been soo sure of
anything. You’ve taught me to live life to the fullest and never back
down from anything. Maybe not right now, maybe not this year, but I
gotta know, will you marry me?” asked Danny with nervousness in
his voice.
“Yes!” shouted Sam with glee and kissed him
with every ounce of passion she had.

snapped a few pictures with his PDA. Neither Sam nor Danny noticed or

broke the kiss to give Sam one last heroic smile and to slip the ring
on her finger, before he set out. Once inside the specter speeder, he
changed into Danny Phantom.

was enough food and supplies to last him about a week, including a
pair of Fenton Phones, a walkie talkie, the Boo-merang, and a first
aid kit.

the infinate realm of the ghost zone, Danny encountered many of his
past ghostly enemies. But thanks to a modification courtisy of
Tucker, a forcefeild surrounded the speeder. It was like a spector
deflector and would keep ghosts at least 100 feet from Danny.

to the scamatics given to him from Tucker, Dani would be somewhere
near Walker’s jail.

traveling for about 23 hours, the halfa stopped the Spector Speeder
about half a mile from the jail and turned human again, knowing
ghosts couldn’t hurt humans in the ghost zone. Danny easily phased
through the walls and bars of the jail following a tracker locked
onto Dani’s ecto signature.

twilight hours showed that many of the prisoners and guards were
asleep, so Danny had no problem getting around them unseen.

tracker led him to the very back of the jail to a cell that had a
ghost shield around it with many locks and bars crossing over the
steel door.

has to be it.” said Danny to himself as he phased through the

looked around the dimly lit cell to find it empty…or was it?

the far corner, chained to the wall with ecto cuffs, was a small
figure. Danny approached it with caution.

called Danny.

figure’s head moved up and icy blue met electric green.

the figure said horsely.

idenitfied the voice as feminine and around the age of 14.

boy hybrid came closer to see that it was indeed Dani. She was about
a foot taller than she was when she was 12, her snowy white hair was
dull and dirty and had grown out of it’s former ponytail and her
spandex suit was worn and ripped up.

what happened?” asked Danny freeing her of her chains with his
ghost ray. The second the cuffs no longer were touching her wrists,
she transformed back into a human.

hair fell around her face and weak blue eyes replaced green. Her
light blue hoodie was covered in dirt and had a big rip down the
center. Her shorts had been cut almost off of her and her red
sneakers looked like they’d been burned.

she said choaked out.

captured me 2 years ago after the disaseroid thing. He’s held me here
ever since.” explained the young girl as she tried to stand up

could clearly see the girl was unbearably thin. Her childhood clothes
hung stupidly from her skeleton frame, much too big for her
“Don’t push yourself. I’ve come to take you home.”
he said sweetly, picking her up bridal style.

strenght had given out and collapsed in his arms.

could see tears comming from the corners of her eyes.

going home.” he said soothingly.

nodded weakly and let Danny carry her out. Once outside the jail
cell, Danny went ghost and flew back to the spector speeder.

inside, he laied Dani on a cot in the back room and made her drink
some gatorade to replenish the clearly dehydrated body. She quickly
downed the red liquid so quickly she choaked on it.

it easy. Drink it slowly, and try to rest. We’ll be back in Amity
Park tomarrow.”

and with that, Danielle slipped into a deep sleep. Danny pulled a
thick blanket over her and turned up the heat in the cabin and took
his place at the controlls.

1, this is Phantom 1. I’ve got Danielle and we’re heading back.”
said Danny into the walkie talkie.

1 here, that’s great Danny. I’ll be waiting for you. I love you.”
replied Sam.

love you to, Phantom 1 out.” replied Danny and he put the talkie
back in his bag.

about 6pm the next day, Danny drove the speeder through the doors of
the Fenton Portal to meet his parents, sister, best friend and

stepped out of the speeder holding the young hybrid in his arms.

this is her?” asked Maddie looking at Dani with motherly eyes.

and she really needs a bath and some clean clothes.” replied

can take it from here, son.” said Jack taking the girl from
Danny’s arms.

carried his new daughter upstairs and into the bathroom. Jazz and Sam
drew a warm bath for her and helped the groggy girl out of her soiled
clothes. The moment Dani’s skin hit the water, all the impurities on
her skin dissolved.

few minutes later, Dani emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a light
blue robe with her dark hair shining from the shampoo.

Jazz and Sam went shopping a few days ago and bought Dani all new
clothes, expecting her to well grown out of her old clothes.

dressed Dani in some sleepware which consisted of a light blue
t-shirt and navy cotton pants with stars.

you all settled, Danielle?” asked Maddie as she came into her
daughter’s new room.

i’m good, Mrs. Fenton.” she said sleepliy.

me mom, after all, you’re my daughter now. You have a family. A mom,
dad, brother, sister and two best friends.”

For everything, mom.” Cerulean blue eyes began to close and
sleep overcame the halfa.

thanks needed, sweetie.” said Maddie as she kissed Dani’s forehead.

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