Danny Phantom Pornography Story: The Adventures of Dani Phantom Chapter 3

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: The Adventures of Dani Phantom Chapter 3

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The Adventures of Dani Phantom

Chapter 2: Breaking Out

September 29, 2007

Its been a while since Ive writtenI dont think I can keep going in here much longerI need to get out, I need to get out NOW.

It has been one month since she ended up here; everyone is surprised she could survive as long as she has. She was now gaining more respect, but she didnt want itshe didnt need it.

Respect is just a fabrication of ones mind in order to think they are better than everyone else. Respect has never been the Treat others how you want to be treated bull, its always been, and always will be, what a person builds on in order to become the top dog, the ruler of the streets, or in this case, the cellblock.

Adrian had somehow managed to escape fifteen days ago, but failed to find Danielles cell, but she understood. The problem is, is that the manner in which he escaped was the one they had come up with for both of them.

Now she was all alone, forsaken in all her loneliness, and shame. Shame that she allowed herself to be captured by the numskull that is Walker. Shame that she would carry this horrid scar on her face for the rest of her life.

Even if she had gained respect, although she believed she did not deserve nor needed it, Skulker and the others would still mess with her feelings.

If she gets out of hereno not if, when she gets out of this dungeon, first she would find the Box Ghost…Come on anyone else would need to blow off some steam, right? Then she would find Danny, she wouldnt be able to live alone anymore, not after this.

As she sat there looking at the blank walls she really pondered her life, where had I gone wrong, she thought to herself.

Suddenly the door burst open, catching her off guard.

Well, well, ghost girl, it looks like youve made it a month in hereand you know what that means, right? Walker asked walking in slowly with a smug look on his face

Wha-whats going to happen? Danielle asked, her voice barely above a whisper, all the while looking at the ground in front of her.

It means you get to take the test. Walker said smugly.

What test? A spelling one or something? Danielle said sarcastically.

As like always, Walker was frustrated, No, not a spelling one, but a painful oneup now. Walker said seriously.

He unshackled her and motioned her to follow; she couldnt wrap her mind around ita pain test?

Her eyes burst wide open with shock, it wasnt a test, it was a fight! She suddenly started to panic

If she tried to run, she might be tortured until she dies, but if she goes with it she might die from pummeling! What to do slow and painful, or slow and painfulwell, never mind, they both are slow and painful.

Finally she reached a squared out area with rows upon rows of seats around it, each one filled with a prisoner.

Walker pushed her forward into the ring Good luck! he called ending his sentence with a malicious laugh.

Suddenly a door popped open on the other side, where a pudgy blue ghost stepped out, I AM THE BOX- the box ghost started but was interrupted with calls of Shut up from the crowd, Danielle included.

Walkers voice reverberated throughout the Coliseum Welcome, Ladies and Gentleghosts, I will now present you with this months Survival of the Fittest. Today we are starting out with DANIELLE PHANTOM-the spotlight turned to Danielle, to whom shielded her eyes from the lights -against the BOX GHOST! Whoever wins, earns their freedom!

Danielles eyes lit up at the word freedom, but is walker telling the truth?

Thisll be too easy. Danielle said to herself as she got into a ready stance


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